Taiwan Imports Fall/Christmas Sale! September 7,8,9.

Everything in the store is on sale!
10% discount on everything up to $200.00
$200 to $400 get %10 + 5%.  Over $400 get 10% + %10 off. 

Closeout items up to %50 off.

Come in for raffle drawings and food.

Online sale lasts from September 7 to 11th.

We are proud to welcome Matt Wood from Winward Silks.  Matt will be holding design classes starting Thursday through Saturday.  You don't want to miss out. 

Born and raised in a small town in Mississippi, Matt Wood, AFID has long been inspired by the lush natural scenery and rich graceful heritage of America’s Southern states. He is particularly moved by the seasons of the year, which mark not only the glorious changes in the physical world but moments of our lives as well. To talk with Matt, one soon learns that his personal mission has long been to bring the filed of permanent botanicals into a new light….For individuals to see them as another way to express a love of the flora and fauna that surround each of us.

Matt is an exceptional designer, his incredible sense of color and texture, combined with his ability to breathe life into the same permanent botanicals he spends so much of his time creating in factories around the world is simply unparallel… When designing, he gently turns the flower’s head to face the light source and flexes the leaves as if they have just received a long cool drink of fresh water. All these special touches result in floral designs that may fool even the most avid of gardeners.